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June 25, 2016  -  Corn Crib Stadium  -  Normal   (MICHAEL COLLINS FOUNDATION GAME)

Illinois Coaches Association/MCStrong All Star Baseball Game

Blue Team                                            Gray Team

Geremy Guerrero            Pitcher        Dalton Parker
Ryan Pfutzenreuter                            Justin Stark
Bryce Meyer                                       Brent Headrick
Bradley Harrison                                Jacob Gilmore
Zach Frey                                           Josh Garner
Jackson Bronke                                  Cam Brown
Alex Peters                                         Jacob Curry
Mitch Fairfield            Catcher           Jim Jeffries
Brett Whelton                                    Jake Dunham
Tyler Fisher            First Base           Vince Schwartz
Bradley Snyder                                  Stephen Hill
Jake Carter             Middle Infield    Mike Madej
Bryce Dooley                                     Anthony Cocco
Luke Shadid                                      Jackson Stulas
Andres Terronez                       
Colin Dearing            Third Base       Patrick Loeffler
Tim Lilly                                           Jake Garella
James Welton            Outfield           Luke Ketchum
Jordon Libman                                 John Rave
Andrew Dyke                                    Dan Bolt
Jack Butler                                       Alec Barger
Jack Cavanaugh                               Travis Schoonover
Addison Gugitt                                 Stevie Krueger
COACH—Jeffrey Halter                    COACH—Jim Steinwart

Dan Bolt helped the Gray Team beat the Blues twice in the Illinois Coaches Association/MC Strong All Star Baseball Games played at the Corn Crib Stadium in Normal on June 25th.  Bolt hit a ground rule double to drive in the Gray’s first run in a 6-0 victory in the opener.

Andy Shadid scored in the fifth inning of the second game to tie the second game.  The Grays won that one 5-3.

Bolt drove in Patrick Loeffler.  Loeffler hit a triple and a 2 run home in the opening victory. 

James Welton drove in the first run of the second game with a sacrifice fly fpr the Blues, who led 2-0 after one inning.  The Grays scored in the third after Vince Scwartz tripled and scored.  Then Shadid crossed home plate on a sacrifice fly by Tyler Fisher.  Bolt hit a single in the fifth to give the Grays the lead again.

This game is Co-Sponsored by the Illinois Coaches Associatio